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Mossy Oak Camo Hat | Richardson 112

Mossy Oak Camo Hat | Richardson 112

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Introducing our Mossy Oak Camo Hat featuring a Rectangular Brown Deer Patch - a headwear option that seamlessly combines the timeless allure of Mossy Oak camouflage with the elegance of a brown deer patch. This hat is a testament to the beauty of the outdoors and the majesty of wildlife.

Camo Pattern: The Mossy Oak Camo Hat showcases the classic and iconic Mossy Oak camouflage pattern, renowned for its effectiveness in blending into natural environments. The pattern features earthy tones, such as deep greens and browns, which mimic the forest and make it ideal for hunting and outdoor activities.

Rectangular Brown Deer Patch: The highlight of this hat is the rectangular brown deer patch, meticulously embroidered onto the camo fabric. The patch features an intricately detailed depiction of a deer, capturing the serene beauty of these majestic animals. It's a nod to wildlife and adds an elegant touch to the camo pattern.


Shirts: 100% Ring Spun Cotton

Hats: Cotton & Polyester

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